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Farecla Clay Mitt

So after hearing of this new Clay Mitt, we decided to try it and rate it for you all to see!

The All New Detailing Clay Mitt!

Farcela Clay Mitt

So, after hearing of this new Clay Mitt  on our favourite online forum, Detailing World, we decided to purchase one...

What is it? 

It's a Mitt which is the new version of the ever so popular Clay Bar. 

What does it do? 

The Clay Mitt is used to rid the paintwork of all its contamination to make the paint perfectly clean and ready to be polished/waxed/sealed.

What is Contamination? 

Contamination is harmful substances which bond to a vehicle's paintwork, glass, wheels and trim. It is generally from Brake Dust, Rail Dust, Air Pollution, Bird Bombs, and Iron Fallout.

How does the Mitt perform against its predocessor the Clay Bar?

In our testing we were able to de-contaminate the entire vehicle in roughly 20 mins, where as with the traditional Clay Bar we would still be going up to 30 mins longer to thoroughly make sure every bit of surface was touched. The Mitt is much larger than the Bar which made using it very easy, it also left no marring unlike the bar which can leave behind slight scratches which you would have to polish them out afterwards. 

If you drop the Clay Mitt you can simply run it under the tap and wash it, unlike a Bar which you would have to disgard as any debris will stick to it.


Decent price (£14)

Easy to use

Work faster

No clay marring

Work's out cheaper in the long run


Cons -


None that we can think of!


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