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Auto Pro Glow

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Farecla Clay Mitt

So after hearing of this new Clay Mitt, we decided to try it and rate it for you all to see!

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Lotus Evora Detail

Hey everybody, first up, happy new year! So this is our first Blog Post to start off a new year, and will be the first of many. On the 4th of January we had an amazing opportunity to work on a very unique car. We are a massive fan of this particular brand and the owner is definitely not the type of person to buy a car like this and store it away in a darkened garage for no one to see. It has been driven like its supposed to be, and you can tell that is what it was made for - to be thoroughly enjoyed and driven to its fullest.

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" Very good valeting and protection service.Have had valet service and protection by other company's that turned out to be a waste of money. Protection applied by Shane extremely good and service was of a very high standard. Will not hesitate using him in t "
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